Quality Through Safety

At Ledges Diving Services, we believe that Quality and Safety are inseparable and that without proper safety protocols it is impossible to consistently perform quality workmanship.

It is our on-going company mission to develop and maintain high standards of safety throughout all of our commercial diving and marine salvage operations.

Ledges Diving Services provides to their employees a complete job proficiency, accident prevention and safety training program.

Every individual from senior management to our newest diving tender is responsible for the safety and health of those persons in their charge and the co-workers around them.

Ledges Diving Services P/L has empowered every individual involved in one of our operations with “Stop Work Authority” upon recognition of any unsafe hazard or condition. This philosophy ensures that we perform consistent high quality work, while preserving our impeccable safety record.

Ledge’s Diving Services expresses this belief with the motto “Quality through Safety” in all commercial diving services.

Our endeavour is that our Customers will choose Ledges Diving Services because of our Quality of works, Safety in our operations, Reasonable and clear costings, Diligence of our personnel, and our Excellent customer service.